Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: History of Whoo Qi & Jin Essence

I actually bought this essence by mistake. I wanted to buy History of Whoo Qi & Jin Eye Cream but ended up buying this essence instead. And I didn't get around to using it until now. I've only tried 3 products (including this one) from this brand so far, the last one being History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Cream which wasn't too impressive. But clearly that didn't influence me because I just bought 14 different samples from History of Whoo today!

Description (taken from
  • Containing “Gonjinbidan” and “Wild ginseng Cordyceps sinensis," Gongjinyang helps create a more attractive skin tone. 
  • Through the principle of increasing water and diminishing fire to enhance moisture within the skin while soothing it effectively, it gives skin a new radiance and smoothness.
  • After toning the skin with in yang balancer, apply Qi & Jin essence along the skin texture to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, in this order, to invigorate the skin. Lightly press both palms to the face for quick absorption.
My impression:

Since this was an essence and not a cream, it had a light texture, like a serum. One sample was enough for two generous uses. It was a bit rich for me and my nose started getting quite oily but I used this at night before I went to bed so I just dabbed the oil a bit with tissue before heading to bed.

The next morning, my skin did look like it was more moisturized and smoother than usual. I wouldn't say dewy, but more like..very hydrated and elastic, as if I just woke up in a super humid country (I live in a country with very dry weather). However, I have oily/combination skin to begin with so moisture is one of the least things that I care about. I can imagine someone with dry skin trying this though and having great effects.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't say it created a more attractive skin tone for me. My skin has a pretty unhealthy-looking yellow tan if I don't use any brightening products. I woke up with my usual skin tone, so I don't think this essence did anything for my skin tone nor did it give my skin a new radiance.

For some odd reason, I've been using Missha All Around Safe-Block Mild Sun Milk as my morning day cream for the past month and a half now. It's been okay but today my face just acted up. I had red bumps in the area between my nose and upper lips. My skin gets a bit sensitive every now and then but those red bumps go away after awhile. This time though, I saw them in the evening and they were very apparent.

Because of this, I've only used two samples of the essence. Since the only thing that has changed the past few days is using this essence at night instead of my usual Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask. It might just be my hormonal fluctuations and not this essence at all, but as the red bumps were pretty apparent and since I didn't feel that this essence helped give my skin a more attractive skin tone or a new radiance, I don't see the point in continuing with it.


Moisturizing, makes face look very smooth and elastic-looking
Didn't give me a more attractive skin tone nor new radiance to my skin
Got my hypersensitive to other ski products?
$14 for 40 pcs x 1ml = 40ml on eBay (only samples sold there)

Grade: 3/5 because it moisturized very well but didn't improve my skin tone or make it radiant as it claims

Value: 3/5 because the samples are pretty cheap

Repurchase? Nope

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