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Review: History of Whoo Whitening CC Sun Cream SPF46 PA++

I have actually been trying the History of Whoo White Seol line for some time now. I'm almost done my samples so I'll be making a review soon about the whole line but meanwhile I was given these 2 samples and I've tried them already so I thought I might as well write a review now.

CC cream is apparently the new fad after BB cream. CC stands for complete care (I think). I always found it hard to find the right BB cream for me because my skin isn't exactly pale and most of the BB creams (even at their darkest color) is too light for me. For this reason, I never planned on buying any CC cream since I thought it'd just be the same thing but I got this for free so might as well try them!

Description (from
  • The precious oriental herbal elements unique to Whoo makes your skin healthy and bright. 
  • An oriental herbal sun cream with skin whitening effects. 
  • The excellent protection against UV rays help maintain clear skin, and the oriental medicinal whitening elements act deep inside the skin to make it more radiant.
My impression:

Ugh bad English in the description but it was the best I could find. The cream itself has a pinkish tinge but as you spread it on your face, it magically turns into a color that suits your skin tone, while covering the blemishes of course! This CC cream also has great coverage. When I finished putting this cream on, I looked in the mirror and really thought my skin tone resembled the Korean actresses that you see on TV (not my actual face unfortunately..just the skin tone haha). And it wasn't like I put on layers of primer, BB cream, mineral foundation on or anything, all I did was put the CC cream on.

I've actually tried something similar to this before a few years ago when I bought Origins VitaZing SPF15 Energy-boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen. Except Origins required more layers to achieve the great skin tone appearance and had a thicker consistency. This CC cream also has a similar smell as the Origins, so I'm guessing they use the same ingredient that somehow can change the color of the cream to adapt to your skin tone? In any case, I find this ability of CC creams much better than BB creams because it gives me a color that's suitable for my skin tone yet covers my blemishes.

This CC cream does give your face a matte appearance, so for those who are looking for the dewy appearance, this is not for you. I have oily skin so I was pleased with the matte appearance, although when I actually touched my face, I found that it felt pretty dewy/sticky, which was weird. I didn't break out or anything after using this cream, but I also made sure I washed my face with Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Cream before using my cleanser.

UVB are sun "burning" rays. SPF is sunBURN protection factor, so it only refers to UVB protection. UVA are sun "aging" rays and UVA can actually penetrate through clothes. Ingredients zinc oxide and avobenzone provide the best UVA protection according to this website, with titanium oxide second. Looking at Hope In a Blog's ingredients list for this cream, it contains the active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium oxid.

The only problem is, you have to be careful not to really smooth this on like a cream. When I put cream on, I sometimes spread the cream over my eyebrows or close to my eyebrows. Unfortunately, when you do that with a CC cream, your eyebrows suddenly look like you've sprinkled some mineral foundation over them!

But otherwise, I think this cream is a great find for me, and I think those who have had trouble with finding the right BB cream color should definitely give this a try.

Great coverage with a color that's suited for your skin tone
Gives skin a matte appearance, though it felt dewy when I touched my face
Contains the correct sunscreen ingredients for broad UVA/UVB coverage
$50 for 45ml or $9 for 10 samples (~10ml) on eBay

Grade: 4.5/5 because it provides great coverage in just one cream, has proper sunscreen ingredients. Minus 0.5 because of the dewy feeling when I touch my face

Value: 5/5 because buying the whole product is pretty much the same as buying samples and it's pretty cheap as far as History of Whoo goes!

Repurchase? Summer is ending and school is starting so I don't think I need this now, but I will be looking to buy this once next summer comes along

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