Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: OHUI The First Cell Revolution Eye Cream

This is my third product from OHUI, the first one being OHUI White Extreme Cellshine Essence which had great effects and the second being OHUI Age Recovery Cell-lab Cream which gave me two pimples that I'm still dealing with I'm in a neutral position for this brand. I actually didn't plan on trying this eye cream yet but my mom, who has tried many eye cream samples that I bought from Sulwhasoo, History of Whoo etc. already, said this one worked really well for her and only told me to buy this one again. So I decided to see why she thought so highly of this.

Description (from
  • As the focused care stage of The First Cell Revolution Program, the highly enriched total care eye cream combines The First's key ingredient, rHSCP(recombinant Human Stem Cell Protein), with hesperidin derivatives to clear the eyes while infusing viality and elasticity to the tender eye areas prone to sagging and wrinkling. 
  • Applies smoothly with its viscous texture leaving a firm, elastic finish.
  • After applying emulsion, use your ring finger to dispense an adequate amount. Slightly warm up the eye cream using your body temperature. Use wide circular motions to apply smoothly around the eye area and gently dab for better absorption.
My impression:

My impression of this brand is that it sits along the ranks of SUM37, IOPE, and HERA, so it's higher end than Skinfood, Etude House etc, but it's not as high end as History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo.

I used this as my only eye cream twice a day to see what this eye cream can do alone. However, that only lasted for 5 days because my dark circles started revealing themselves soon after, and so I added back my Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream, which helps with my dark circles. But during those 5 days I noticed that this eye cream alone helped take away almost all the fine lines under my eye. In this area, it was as good as the effects of Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream and The Face Shop Smim Fermentation Concentrate Eye Cream combined, which is what I use for my Night Routine.

This is a very thick and rich eye cream. It's probably the thickest eye cream that I've used. Therefore it was hard to spread it around my eye. I felt like some parts I was dragging the skin around my eyes along when I was applying this eye cream. It's also very hard to spread my Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream on top of because it dries very easily. I'm not sure if this means that it absorbs really fast, or just that it's a very thick cream so it dries out really fast in cold, dry winter weather. I have a feeling it's the latter because sometimes I can see lines of dried cream in the corners of my eyes. Not a nice sight when you're about to go out in the morning!

The skin under my eye does feel very moisturized though, as long as 12 hours later. And I do feel that my under eyes feel firm and elastic as the eye cream is advertised to do, but that's probably something I can only truly confirm if I use this cream long-term.

This eye cream might be a bit rich for me though. I say this because the milia that's been under my right eye for the longest time and was finally starting to get smaller, got bigger again after I started to use this eye cream. It has since stopped growing bigger..but nobody wants milia on their eyes!

Overall, this cream is effective in what it claims to do but its the "side effects" that makes me want to not use this cream. For somebody who is looking for an anti-wrinkle eye cream, this would be one of the first creams I'd recommend to try out. But the richness causing my milia to get bigger, the fact that it dries really fast and is hard to spread concealer on and the difficulty in application due to its thickness are enough to make me look for another eye cream that can provide the same effects without these side effects.


Great at taking away fine lines under the eye, firming and elasticity
Too many minor inconveniences (details above)
My milia started getting bigger again after using this eye cream
$175 for 25ml on

Grade: 4/5 because this eye cream truly does what it's set out to do but there are just too many other inconveniences

Value: 3/5 because it's super expensive for 25ml!

Repurchase? No..but my mom would say yes!

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