Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: Innisfree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip & Eye Remover

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've last blogged! I haven't forgotten about this blog, in fact, I think of it from time to time and have been taking photos of new products that I try! Just that it took me awhile to get my life settled and back on track. A little summary on what's happened the past year (if you don't care, skip this paragraph): I've finally graduated and am now working as a medical resident at the hospital. I've had to move to be closer to the hospital I'm employed at, which explains the change in background! Everything's quite new to me, finally being independent and all. To be honest, I do miss my old home with my parents but fortunately it's not too far away from where I live right now. And I'm glad that I finally don't have to pay tuition and get a salary! About time! I'm 28!

I ran out of the Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover and was about to buy my refill when I ran into its emulsion version and thought, why not? So I gave it a try and I actually have converted to using this now as my go-to eye makeup remover.

Description (from
  • A hypoallergenic makeup remover for effectively removing point makeup
  • 1. This mild product removes point makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh.
  • 2. Polysaccharose and minerals from apples protect skin from dryness and irritation after makeup removal.
  • 3. Enjoy the sweet and sour scent of apples!
  • 88% natural ingredients
  • With Kaolin powder's excellent sebum absorption, this product controls excess sebum to give you a refreshed feeling after washing your face.
My impression:

For those who have checked out my blog previously, the reason why I turned to Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover was because I found it removed my makeup easier without rubbing my eyes back and forth (i.e. wrinkle and loose skin causing!) than Skinfood Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover. When I put on mascara though, I still needed a few good rubs and would need to put 3-4 shakes worth of liquid onto my cotton pad to sufficient remove all the makeup. If I only use eyeliner and concealer/shadow, I find that I need 1 good rub and 2 shakes.

With the emulsion, I find that I only need 2 pumps and that I only need one good rub to remove all my eye makeup per eye. If I only use eyeliner and concealer/shadow, then 1 rub (to be honest, doesn't even have to be that firm/good) and 1 pump. Because it's cream-based, it's also less drying on my eyes afterwards. I save time and I save money. Plus, less tugging on my eyes = less likely for loose skin and wrinkles.

The only problem with this emulsion is that it is difficult to use when you are trying to correct mistakes when you're putting makeup on. I, unfortunately, still have shaky hands to this day, and that eyeliner never goes on that great. With the Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover or Skinfood Milk Shake Point Make-up, I just literally dip my q-tip in and I can use the q-tip to fix my mistake. With this emulsion, you're gonna have to spread the emulsion onto the q-tip or else it's just going to be a pea-sized cream on top of your q-tip.


Removes eye makeup with one rub = less tugging on eyes = good
Cream-based so not drying for the eyes
$12 for 100ml on eBay

Quality: 5/5 because it removes my eye makeup in one go and is not drying
Value: 5/5 because I only need 2 pumps with heavy eye makeup and only 1 pump if I just use eyeliner and concealer/shadow

Repurchase? Yes, the little problem about having to spread it manually on the q-tip if I need to use q-tip to correct my makeup is not a big minus for me

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