Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Innisfree Minimum Moist Cream for sensitive skin

I was quite happy I got this sample because I rarely get innisfree samples. I had no idea what this line was, but I know innisfree is known for its natural ingredients. I googled the night before just to briefly look at the product info and it said, "for sensitive skin [...] highly moist, low stimulation, olive oil, squalane, skin recovery, no preservative, airless container."

Since the name of it is "minimum moist," I thought it meant this is a cream that will give you the minimum moisture that you need so it won't be too rich. So I used it as my day cream this morning. I didn't realize I totally misinterpreted the name until I googled again and this time went to the third page of my search results because none of the results were giving me an adequate description that I can write on my blog!

Description (from
  • The minimum line, formulated with the minimum amount of ingredients, is designed for sensitive skin and especially when skin becomes sensitive. 
  • This highly moisturizing cream, formulated with the minimum amount of ingredients, is designed for sensitive skin and especially when skin becomes sensitive.
  • After allowing the ampoule to fully absorb into the skin, take an appropriate amount (2cm in diameter) of cream onto the back of your hand and use fingertips to apply onto cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Gently press to allow the formula to absorb into the skin
My impression:

So the "minimum" in the name minimum moist doesn't mean the minimum amount of moisture you need for your skin, but that the cream has been made with the minimum number of ingredients. I already got a bit suspicious when I opened the sample because the cream was very thick. It was almost like an ointment. I had to massage it in my face quite a bit before it got absorbed. It was definitely NOT a light cream. I can't read Korean but so far from the search results the English instructions haven't said whether or not this is for day or night use. But now that I've used it I would definitely think that this is for night use.

Usually when I go out I put on Etude House Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence or Skinfood Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream (also a primer). But today I was going to be staying at home at least until the evening so the cream was my last step after I washed my face with Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam and Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner toner. This was around 12:30pm.. because I woke up late ^^;;

Evening came and I realized my face had turned into an oil mine. It was the oiliest I've ever seen. The cream hadn't absorbed completely (in fact, I can still feel some now on my face at 10pm). I had to use 4 of those oil absorbing sheets to absorb all the oil on my face. I usually use 2 max. On the bright side, despite the crazy oil production, I'm not breaking out from this and I didn't see any little red bumps (signs that my pores are clogged).

This cream is definitely too rich for my combination/oily skin. Yes, it was moisturizing, but unlike Lioele V-line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack that I used yesterday night, where I felt like my skin was actually absorbing moisture from the product, I feel like Innisfree is just slabbing a thick layer of suffocating ointment on my face to trap whatever moisture I already have inside my skin. I hope that analogy makes sense.


Had texture of an occlusive ointment more than a cream
Too rich/thick for my skin, I've never had so much oil on my face after putting on a product
$13 for 30ml on eBay

Grade: 3/5 because it's too oily for me but it's hypoallergenic enough for my skin

Value: 3/5 because it's pretty expensive for a product that just gives you moisture but it didn't break my skin out despite the richness

Repurchase? Nope

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