Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Missha Time Revolution Aqua Youth Cream

Got this complimentary sample along with one of my purchases once again. How many sub-lines does the Missha Time Revolution line have? There's the Time Revolution Wrinkle Care Melting Rich Mask Cream and there's the very popular Estee Lauder copycat Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule. There's probably more that I just haven't had time to look into...

Description (from
  • Formulated with cell active hydro, hyaluronic acid, extramel C, etc
  • Provides moisture to inside of skin deeply, and creates clear face
  • Paraben free, mineral oil free, benzophenone free, alcohol free, pigment free
  • At the last step of skin care, apply a proper amount to all over your face, and have it absorbed into skin covered by your both hands
My impression:

My opinion has always been that a cream that does nothing but moisturize is no better than any drugstore lotion (unless you have effects that stand out amongst your competition like Lioele V-line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack) and that I don't see the point trying to buying it online to get it shipped all the way from Asia. This product is a good example. Same with Skin79 SUE Hydrating Fluid. To be honest, maybe it's just my lack of perception into these products, but I find a lot of these hydrating fluids the same. Hydrating, light weight so it feels good on the skin, consistency in between gel and lotion. Some have an extra property like sunblock like Missha All Around Safe-Block Mild Sun Essence Milk. or anti-oxidant claims like Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream. But I find them all very similar...

This cream does moisturize and effectively without making my skin sticky or cause crazy oily production like Innisfree Minumum Moist Cream did. Its consistency is in between gel and lotion and feels very light on the skin. So I wouldn't recommend it to those with really dry skin.

Unfortunately, I have more skin problems than just the need to moisturize :( so I definitely need more than a cream that just hydrates my skin.


Moisturizes but that's about it
May not be moisturizing enough for people with dry skin
$37.56 for 70ml on eBay

Grade: 3/5 because it does what it promises: it moisturizes

Value: 3/5 because it's fairly expensive for something that doesn't do anything but moisturize but at least it's 70ml...

Repurchase? Nope

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