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Review: Where to buy Acuvue Define and Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses?

This is a review about the websites that sell Acuvue Define and Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses for those who don't live in Asia. As an Asian not living in Asia, it's often hard to find contact lens that make your eyes appear bigger because those are targeted towards the Asian market, and are therefore only sold in Asia. It took me some digging to find out which websites are good and even then some websites I had to take my chances. Some people have asked me to mention where I buy my contact lenses, so I thought I'd make a review post to help others who are in the same position as me.

I won't be talking about where to buy circle lenses. The websites I review below only pertain to my experience with them buying Acuvue Define Vivid Brown, Acuvue Define Natural Shine, and Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown contact lenses.

a) review

They're a company based in Singapore. I bought my Acuvue Define Vivid Brown from them. Each box cost 34 USD with shipping via registered airmail being 5.60USD. Shipping took forever. I ordered on July 23 and there was no word on whether my order was processed. I almost thought this was a fake company and I just got ripped off. I had to email them 6 days later on July 29 and then I got a Paypal notification with my tracking number. Even then it took awhile before the tracking number became active. I think it took more than 3 weeks in total for it to come. 

The package itself was fine. It was well packaged, they got my prescription correct. No free stuff included (you'll see below what I mean by that).

b) review

Another company based in Singapore. I bought my Acuvue Define Natural Shine from them. Each box was more expensive than softlenseye at 36USD per box and shipping was also more expensive at 12USD (same registered airmail as softlenseye). It did ship faster than softlenseye, but not that much faster, maybe 5 days after I put my order in. I also heard no update on the status of my order or anything, so I also started wondering whether this company was legitimate. It took around 3 weeks for me to receive it.

Package itself was also fine and they got my prescription correct. No free stuff included.

c) review

This could have been my favorite website for contact lenses with the exception of one problem (jump to the last paragraph in this section if you that's all you want to know). This company is based in Korea. I think they specialize in circle lens but they also sell Acuvue and Freshlook. I bought my Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown and another batch of Acuvue Define Vivid Brown here. When I was first checking out their website, I noticed they sponsored a lot of people with free circle lens. Let me first say that I did not get sponsored (I wish I did)! But at least it made me feel that this company is legitimate. The Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown was cheap at 25USD per box and Acuvue Define Vivid Brown was 34USD per box. They offer free shipping over $65.

Packaging was fine and they got my prescription correct. What won my heart was that a) they updated the status of my order within a day, b) they shipped within 3 days so I didn't have to worry about what happened to my order and I received it within 2 weeks, and c) they gave FREE STUFF! Yes, the photo above you see is the free stuff they gave me. They gave me a small box of contact lens solution, tons of contact lens cases, and two pairs of Neo Vision Madonna Circle Lens in blue and brown with my prescription!

The brown one was ripped though (see picture below). I don't know if that was a careless mistake on their part, or they just gave it away because it's ripped. But the pair they gave me in blue is intact and hasn't expired yet. I've never worn circle lens before so I wanted to make sure these weren't circle lenses that nobody has ever heard of and nobody would ever buy. I looked it up on google and there are reviews about these circle lens so I know I'm not getting some dirt cheap product nobody else wants so they gave it to me for free. The Kpop2 circle lens store sells these lens for 12USD per pair in my prescription.

They also have the Acuvue Define Vivid Brown weekly contact lens, which I know some people really want to find online.

The only problem I have with this website is the expiry date of their contact lenses. I bought from contactlensxchange in July 2013 and their expiry date for the Acuvue Define Natural Shine is 2018. I bought from Klenspop June 2014 and they gave me Acuvue Define Vivid Brown with an expiry date of 2017. Even worse, their two boxes of Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown is July 2016! The reason I buy dailies is because I don't wear contact lens often. July 2016 is really a bit too soon. So for those who are like me, you may not want to buy from this shop. I'm going to have to finish up all my contact lenses from Klenspop first before I use up the contact lenses I bought from a year ago!


Finally, the two websites below are websites that I have come across during my research but have not personally bought from them

d) review

I actually have not personally dealt with this website. But I was seriously considering it when I ran out of my first batch of Acuvue Define Vivid Brown and Acuvue Define Natural Shine. It had free shipping on orders over 75USD and the contact lens at 32USD was cheaper than the previous two websites. Fortunately I held off because they have some pretty bad reviews about not responding to emails, taking forever to ship, and shipping people the wrong products.

I read this review and thought it was pretty comprehensive.

There is also trust pilot which gives less comprehensive but more reviews. I know there are some 5 star reviews in there, but those could very well be written by the owners of that website if you consider the fact that the other reviewers gave it 1 star, pretty big difference. Always look at the bad reviews first and see if you see a pattern.

e) review

I haven't personally bought from this website. But I found this review pretty comprehensive and it looks like they give free stuff too! And the free stuff is actually more of what you've ordered so for sure it will be something useful. I think they also have the Acuvue Define Vivid Brown weekly contact lens.

Summary: Legit, okay prices, very slow shipping, good expiry date Legit, pricy, okay shipping, good expiry date Legit, okay prices, fast shipping, bad expiry date

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