Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist

My hair is a dry frizzball. It's also thick in that I have a lot of hair making my hair as a whole thick, and also every strand is thick. Very beneficial in the long-run when I get old and I start losing hair, but meanwhile I have to find something to tame it down! I've tried almost, if not all, of Skinfood's hair products. I've tried Skinfood Avocado Leave-In Fluid which wasn't too helpful, Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence which was helpful but not enough and made my hair really thick =\, and Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence which does wonders for my hair but I need 8-9 pumps every time so I'll use up one bottle in 1.5 months. I bought this mist with the Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence, which was similar to the Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence but not as good.

Description (taken from
  • Nourishing hair spray is enriched with oil complex to enhance shine, while the elegant floral scent delicately perfumes your mane. 
  • Weightless mist settles on hair without weighing down your locks, giving hair renewed shine and bounce with every spray. 
  • To use, shake bottle and spray mist evenly on towel-dried or dry hair. Massage mist into scalp and comb through hair for even application. Style hair afterwards
My impression:

I tried this mist in two ways. First on towel-dried hair and second on completely blow-dried and ironed hair. When I spray it on towel-dried hair, I was impressed with its effects. My hair wasn't as smooth as when I use Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence but it was pretty soft. And since this was just a mist, it felt lighter on my hair. achieve that effect, I must have used around 12 pumps all over my hair.

I've also tried it after I've blow-dried my hair. Or just when I go home and realize my hair has gotten really frizzy. It does.. nothing, or at least nothing I can see visibly. The frizz on the short strands of hair on the top are still flying around like crazy.

When I use it during my ironing, especially when I see repeatedly going over that section of hair is making it dry, it helps a bit. It helps make that part of my hair behave and keeps it from becoming like dried hay.

So I see the most effectiveness when I use it after towel-dried hair and before blow-drying, but I need around 12 pumps. The second most effective would be during my ironing to prevent my hair from getting fried and also to make it behave. The least effective would be just during the day when my hair is dry.. it didn't do anything for my hair. 

The fragrance smells good.. but since this is a mist I keep breathing it in which makes me paranoid. Breathing all these chemicals in when they're supposed to soften your hair can't be good for your body.


Doesn't make my hair as smooth as Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence but makes it pretty soft...when I use around 12 pumps

Does NOT make my hair thicker like Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence and Skinfood Avocado Leave-In Fluid did, in fact my hair feels very light after use (like I didn't put anything on)

$11 for 120ml on eBay

Grade: 4/5 because it's not as effective as Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence but it made my hair pretty soft still and light.

Value: 4/5 because $11 for 120ml is not bad at all but I need 12 pumps!

Repurchase? I'm on the border for this one. I might just use it as a supplement to when I'm ironing my hair to save my hair from getting fried dry

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