Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: TonyMoly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack

I got this as a complimentary sample when I bought my Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil on eBay. This was actually a sample that I wanted because it's one of those sleeping masks that targets both things that I need: anti-wrinkle and whitening. I can already start to see some fine lines on my forehead. I've tried Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen Serum but it hasn't helped my fine lines at all. I've tried Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essence and Cream which had potential but made the pimples on my face at the time get bigger and redder which freaked me out big time.

Description (taken from
  • This dual functional sleeping pack contains a wrinkle-improving functional ingredient of adenosine and a skin-whitening functional ingredient of arbutin.
  • It makes dull, sagging, and wrinkled skin young and healthy again.
  • After evening cleansing, Apply an appropriate amount along the skin texture around the face and neck area and gently pat to absorb.
  • This will should be the last stage of skin care process.
My impression:

The only other sleeping mask that I've tried so far is the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask. That one wasn't bad in that it definitely helps to brighten my face and get rid of the redness and bumps on my cheeks. But it isn't very good on the anti-wrinkle effect in that it doesn't do anything for the fine lines on my forehead.

This sample is good enough for probably 2 time usage, but I squeezed out a bit too much the first time, so I just decided to pile the rest onto my face. The next morning, when I touched my face, the bottom of my face still had some left but my forehead absorbed all of it, which was good because that's where my fine lines are.

This is similar in texture to the Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essence  maybe slightly less thick in consistency. It took awhile to spread and even after initial absorption it was a bit sticky. The next morning, I saw that my pores were enlarged, but they returned to their original size after I washed my face with Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam. Fortunately, my big red pimple that I got 2 days ago thanks to my hormonal cycle did not get any worse. With the Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essence  my pimple got redder and bigger.

After washing my face with Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam, I saw that the fine lines on my forehead were not as apparent. This was just a one-time overnight use so I didn't expect miracles, so seeing that the lines were less apparent after I washed my face was already quite impressive. I felt a slight whitening effect, in that I didn't feel that my face was whiter, but I definitely didn't see the same unhealthy yellow that I see sometimes when I wake up. But I know arbutin is effective for me since I used HadaLabo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Essence this summer to whiten my dark, tanned skin that I got from my vacation in Asia.

Not bad! I think I will be replacing this with the Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essence as my next purchase when I'm done with the Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen Serum.


Decreased the appearance of the fine lines on my forehead
Made my pores bigger but were fine after washing with cleanser
Didn't worsen my pimples
Minimal whitening effect
$11 for 100ml on eBay

Grade: 4/5 because it helped decrease the appearance of fine lines on my forehead but minimal whitening effect and temporarily enlarged my pores

Value: 4/5 because it's much cheaper than Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essence which is also for anti-wrinkle and whitening!

Repurchase? Yes

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