Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear Pack/Mask

I've tried two products from the Etude House Wonder Pore product line so far: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner toner and Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence. Both have exceeded my expectations and are now added into my daily routine. Seeing the great success I've had, I'm definitely going to try the rest of this line! That's why I decided to buy samples of their pore clay mask. 

Description (taken from
  • Total Pore Solution 7 in 1:
    1. Deep cleansing 2. Sebum control 3. PH balance control 4. Smooth skin 5. Clear and bright face 6. Skin elasticity 7. Water supply
  • 6 Free (Parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, talc, mineral oils)
  • Apply a face pack avoid eyes and month zone with spatula. Wash off with luke-warm water-after 15~20 minutes.
My impression:

I've been using Origins Active Charcoal Mask for the past 6 years at least and it has consistently worked wonders for me. I've probably used 4 tubes already and am on my fifth. So the bar is pretty high for Etude House's clay pore product.

I'm also using Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask, which I find helps more with refining the size of my pores when they're already pretty clean. If I need some heavy duty cleaning with my pores and the impurities on my face in general, Origins Active Charcoal Mask is more effective.

Some have complained that clay masks really dry up your face and are really hard to get off. Origins Active Charcoal Mask is one of them. The clay mask cracks if you try to move your face once it dries and it takes awhile to get everything off. I actually didn't find the Origins clay mask too drying but I agree that it takes time to get off. With the Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Mask though, I really did feel that my face was drying up and I needed to wash it off asap to prevent it from drying further (and I have oily/combination skin). It took around the same time to rinse off.

As for effect, I feel that it doesn't remove as much impurities off my face and cleans my pores as effectively as Origins. When compared to Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask, I think it's more effective than at removing impurities, but Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask is more effective at minimizing the size of my pores.

The thing I don't like about this mask the most was that it really dried up my face as I was doing this mask. It's also pretty expensive for a Korean skincare product! $21 for 100g on eBay, whereas Origins Active Charcoal Mask is $23 in the US on Sephora. Since it's not better than the Origins mask and isn't very cheap, I guess I'll be sticking with Origins for now.


Doesn't minimize the appearance of my pores
Helps return my pores to normal size when they have been enlarged irregularly
Helps prevent my clogged pores from progressing into pimples
$21 for 100g on eBay

Quality: 3.5/5 because it isn't as effective as Origins Active Charcoal Mask and really dries up my face

Value: 3/5 because it's around the same price as Origins but Origins is more effective

Repurchase? Nope

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