Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

I bought this product a few days after buying Skinfood Fresh Apple Pore Toner because they both target pores and I wanted to compare them. My pores are quite big and recently all my breakouts are from this area so I've been desperate to find a toner that can help with that problem. This toner has been out in the market for longer than Skinfood's so there were many reviews, some of which raved about it.You can also use this as a mist and a mist container is included in the 500ml version, but since I wanted to try it out first, I only bought the 250ml version.

Description (taken from and bottle label):
  • Pore astringent toner with antiseptic properties removes oil, dirt, germs and residues for clear, healthy skin.
  • "Astringentlex : Pore Constriction Chrysanthemum : Anti-Inflammatory Care Rice & Lemon : Exfoliation & pH Balance Care"
  • Total pore solution 7 in 1
    1. Deep cleanses pores
    2. Maintain pH 4.5
    3. Control a large amount of the sebum
    4. Minimize appearance of pores
    5. Refine the skin tones
    6. Keep the elasticity of pores
    7. Moisturize inside and outside of skin

My impression:

This is a long review, because I am pretty amazed at this product. I started becoming interested in Korean cosmetics after trying out Skinfood and slowly am starting to recognize Etude House as a brand with some pretty good products as well. This is one of them. When I first read the 7-in-1 description from other reviewers, it seemed a little too good to be true. I mean, this is a toner that I'll be putting on a cotton pad and wiping it on my face. How can something that is in contact with my skin for such a short time do that many things?

While I have no idea whether it maintains pH 4.5 or how to test the elasticity of my pores, I feel that my skin has improved after using this toner. It's not necessarily in the sense that I could visibly see my pore sizes decrease, but my face feels a bit brighter after using this toner. With the Skinfood Fresh Apple Pore Toner, after using the toner, my face would be a bit red underneath my skin, perhaps because that toner contained too much alcohol for me and was too dry. As I was wiping my face with the cotton pad, I could feel bumps on my skin.

After about a week of using this toner, when I wipe my face with a cotton pad, it goes on smoothly. I've NEVER felt this before with ANY toner. After I'm done, my face looks a bit brighter. I don't feel like I'm being stripped of moisture from my face like how I felt with the Fresh Apple Toner. I haven't broken out where my pores are (recently it's near my mouth.. making me wonder if it's because my lip balm has been contaminated..but that's another story).

My pore size hasn't visibly reduced, but after I exfoliate and the pores look a bit enlarged, it does reduce back to its original size after I use this toner. So I guess it doesn't reduce the size unless my pores have been enlarged by something before.

So of the 7 things, 2 I can't test for, but I can vouch for 1, 3, 4 (when it's been enlarged previously by e.g. exfoliation), 5 for sure and 7. Considering $14.50 gets me 250ml which is the biggest container I've seen for a toner, I think it's a great deal. I've never had a toner that can do these many things. And I started using this right after trying out the Fresh Apple Toner for 2 weeks so I could instantly feel how different it was with these two toners when wiping it on my face and observing the effects afterwards. Before I only got this smooth and slightly brightening effect after using Missha's Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask or Cream.


Moisturizes, smooths out skin tone, minimizes appearance of pores, controls sebum, cleanses pores
Never had a toner be able to do all these things at once considering I'm just putting it on a cotton pad and wiping it on my face
$14.50 for 250ml

Quality: 4/5 because it's just a toner but it can actually smooth out my skin over time

Value: 5/5 because it's effective, inexpensive, you can use it as a mist and have you ever seen a toner in a 250ml container?!

Repurchase? Yes, and I'll buy the 500ml next time so I can use this as a mist as well.


  1. I do love this too!It absorbs fast!
    Btw,I love your profile~Doing reviews to help others is one of my motive starting a beauty blog~Nice blog you had and you've tried a lot of skincare products in a month!wow~

  2. Thanks for your comment! Good to know we have the same motivations :D I actually started revamping my whole skincare routine with Korean products for around 2 months now but didn't make up my mind writing a blog until a week ago. So now I have a ton of things that I tried out that I still need to write a review for as well as new things that I'm trying out now haha~

  3. thank u for the review....i wonder to know if you use this wonder pore freshner everyday? because i had asked to the official counter at my country, that we can't use this toner everyday....because it's just to calming our skin when it gets to be red or that true?

    1. Hi there, I use this twice a day every day and am still using it. Oh really? I had no idea you aren't supposed to use this toner everyday...especially since it's sold in 250ml or 500ml. But I also didn't buy this at an official store (there is no Etude House store in my country). Hope that helps! :)

  4. Oh my, this sounds great. I must buy it asap. By the way, if you reply to comments, I suggest you reply on the commentor's blog because otherwise they won't see it :(( Unfortunately Blogger does not notify us of replies to comments. Just saying because I saw you replying to the comments above :D Of course, if the other one doesn't have a blog, replying directly under the comment is unevitable. Haha.
    ♥♥ Thanks again for the awesome review ♥

  5. Hi I've read several of your reviews. I think they are very clear n detailed. I've oily combination skin, so far the skincare that I've tried haven't done their magic.
    I've tried theskinfood tomato, etude white moistful, and now I'm using theskinfood apple sparkling series.
    For the night, I use innisfree moisture firming series.
    I want a skincare that can reduce (if not add) the oiliness but also can even out my skin tone. Can you give me suggestion? Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yeah I didn't find the Etude White Moistfull any good either.

      Have you tried snail creams? Those are the ones that were most effective for me at evening out my skin tone and minimizing blemishes. Missha's snail cream ( works well for me plus it has a brightening component BUT the cream is oily. You can try the equivalent Snail treatment or moisturizer which is less oily.

      I have oily/combination skin too but the moisturizer gave me an allergic reaction so I have no choice but to use the cream.

      If brightening is not necessary for you, you can try Mizon's snail cream ( This one is not oily at all, it leaves a matte appearance on your skin and evens skin tone and blemishes (basically everything Missha's snail cream does except brightening). Hope that helps!

  6. Have you tried Etude's [mal:gem] Smoother? I heard it's just as good as the Wonder Pore Refreshner so I'm kind of debating which one I should get.

    1. No I haven't! I actually haven't come across this line until you told me. Might give it a try once my wonder pore freshner is done. Thanks :)