Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Skinfood Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover

I've been using Lancome's Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover to remove my eye makeup. It works great: takes everything off with 2-3 wipes, doesn't sting my eyes, and my under eyes don't feel dry at all after wiping all those layers of concealer off (I have huge dark under eye circles so I need to double up on concealer).

But I'm always interested in trying new products because I always believe there's something better out there. Either better in quality, better in value, or both. The only thing I don't like about Lancome's is its price: $27 for 125ml. With tax that comes out to be around $31. So when I saw this makeup remover by Skinfood selling for $10 for 160ml, I decided to try this one after reading some good reviews. 

Description (taken from
  • Enriched with milk nutrients, this gentle point makeup remover erases makeup on sensitive lip and eye areas without irritation, while nourishing and moisturizing. Shake like a milkshake before use.
  • After shaking well, apply desired amount to cotton pad and gently wipe lip and eye areas.
My impression:

In terms of effectiveness, I think it is the same as Lancome's Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover. I put the same amount on my cotton pad and it takes around the same number of wipes (2-3) to get the makeup off my eyes and under eyes.

After using Lancome's, my under eyes feel moisturized, to the point where I wonder if it's necessary to put eye cream on if I'm not washing the rest of my face until later. I'm guessing it's the oil from the makeup remover, but at the same time there's no sticky, shiny, or oily residue left behind. When I use Skinfood's, my under eyes don't feel dry or anything but definitely not as moisturized as Lancome's. Now for those who are just going to shower or wash their face and put eye cream on right after anyways, I guess this doesn't matter. For those who don't have really under eyes to begin with, it probably won't matter either. But my under eyes are pretty dry and I've got some of those fine lines coming out already, so this is an important difference for me. 

Price-wise, Skinfood is the clear winner. $10 for 160ml. Lancome costs 3 times more for only 125ml.


Removes makeup as effectively as Lancome's Bi-Facil
My under eyes do not feel as moisturized as Lancome's Bi-Facil
$10 for 160ml on eBay

Quality: 4/5 because it removes my eye makeup with 1-3 wipes but my under eyes do not feel as moisturized as when I used Lancome's and there is that occasional blurriness

Value: 5/5 because I only need the same amount on the cotton pad as I needed for Lancome's to remove my eye makeup and Skinfood's is $10 for 160ml

Repurchase? I will see. If I see my under eyes get progressively dryer and dryer than before as I use this makeup remover, I'm going to switch back to Lancome.

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