Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: Laniege Water Bank Eye Gel

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have fine lines/wrinkles right under my eyes. I think (or I hope) that these are mostly due to dry skin and with proper moisture, they will go away. Since I heard a lot about this moisturizing eye gel (the words "water bank" certainly got me interested) I decided to splurge (I bought it for around $35) and buy this jar to see if it can really help me.

Description (taken from
  • An eye care product that retains moisture for the dry eye area for 24 hours for supple, revitalized eyes
  • Cool moisture and non-sticky formula of this gel-type eye cream moisturize the eye area and relieves puffiness
  • Contains Calendula extracts that have been used to heal skin infections and relieve irritation for supple relief of sensitive eye area. 
  • Contains ginkgo leaf extracts that promote blood circulation and prevent damage caused by free radicals in cells to reduce dark circles and to revitalize the eye area.  
  • After applying essence and before applying cream, pump 1~2 times for prompt amount (0.8cm of diameter). Gently pat along with eye lines
My impression:

For the price, the brand's reputation and the marketing for this product, I was disappointed in the results. I used this back in August for around 2 weeks day and night and it did.. pretty much nothing. I would dab in 1/3 pea sized amount before I sleep but the next day I didn't see a visible difference. It definitely was NOT moisturizing enough as a day eye cream because I was only halfway done putting my bobbi brown concealer and I already noticed the concealer started looking dry. The only good thing about it was that it was light and didn't give me any milia or breakouts.


Not moisturizing enough for my eyes
A light eye cream that didn't give me milia
$28.41 for 25ml on eBay

Grade: 2/5 because it doesn't do much, if anything

Value: 1/5 because it's pricey, not to mention the jar is not hygienic

Repurchase? No. This wasn't moisturizing enough for me, didn't do much for my fine lines/wrinkles and is pretty pricey. 

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