Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Skinfood Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream (Primer)

I bought this along with the Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner and 5 samples of the Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Serum because I highly anticipated this line, which targets enlarged pores & oily skin. I read from other sites that this one is more of a primer to put on during the day to smooth out your skin before makeup. I don't put foundation on my skin, but after washing my face and toner it can get a bit red and some bumps may show so I wanted to put on the primer just to give me skin an overall smoother look before I head out, as well as minimizing the appearance of my huge pore mines and oil control. For my other primer review, please look at my Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence post.

Description (taken from
  • A cooling and hydrating fresh unripe green apple extract and carbonated water that controls sebum production and tightens pores.
  • At the end of your skin care routine, apply sparingly to oily areas and enlarged pores.           
My impression:

This is the first primer that I bought and tried, so I don't have anything else to compare to. I didn't expect this to do anything extraordinary to my pores because this is just a primer and I'm sure if something from the Fresh Apple line was going to help my pores, it would probably be the serum.

The primer is a bit thicker than I imagined, but it blends in fine and the thickness helps with smoothing out the small bumps of my skin. I feel a slight cooling effect upon application, which helps with the redness under my skin from the acne scars that I got awhile ago.

So as far as being a primer goes, I think it does most of what it says. It makes my skin look smooth and calms down the redness of my skin. My pores also look smaller. It does control my oil production but a few hours after when I touched my nose, it was still oily. I would say it probably halved the amount of oil I'd usually find on my nose at that time, but I want something that can control/stop most of the oil production.


Smoothes out the small bumps and calms the redness under my skin
Minimizes the appearance of pores
Face looks a bit matte but naturally so
T-zone oil control not enough for me
$14 for 30ml

Quality: 3.5/5 because it does what it says but inadequate oil control

Value: 3/5 because I think it's quite expensive for 30ml for something that doesn't help your skin long-term but just smooths out the appearance of your skin

Repurchase? No, because I want to try other primers that can do the same for the appearance of my skin and yet has better oil control. [Edit Oct. 20 2012]: I've since tried and reviewed Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence.

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