Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: The Saem Gem Miracle Black Pearl Oxygen Bubble Mask

I got 3 samples of this from my The Saem mask purchases in Korea and thought it worked well so I bought the whole bottle on eBay. This is The Saem's best selling product, but I think this brand is still fairly new so it was harder to find sellers compared to those for Skinfood, Missha, Etude House, and so on.

Description (taken from yesstyle ):
  • Oxygen bubble(O2) and black pearl brightening + detoxing + exfoliating & waste elimination + pore tightening + skin luster! A wash-off type mask with 5 effects, and anti-stress & brightening function.
  • Brilliant black pearl of Tahiti / Peral powder provides a systematic and continuous supply of nutrition and moisture to damaged skin and has excellent whitening effects all while controlling the oil/water balance and the metabolism of the skin to maintain transparency and resiliency.
  • Giga-White: With 7 organically grown herbal ingredients, it is excellent for exfoliating and waste adsorption, and alleviates pigment deposit and improves skin tone for a brightening effect.
  • Papaya extracts: A nontoxic substance with excellent exfoliating effects by containing natural protease & papain, makes it the most effective natural agent for exfoliating care
  • After cleansing, pump a moderate amount and spread all over the face with a 2mm thickness, avoiding the eye area. When oxygen bubbles are sufficiently developed, massage the bubbles and then rinse-off with slightly warm water

My impression:

From the description it seems like this mask does all sorts of wonderful things, which it may, but I mostly bought this mask for its brightening effect. It might also exfoliate and provide control oil balance but I used a bunch of other products just for that so I wouldn't be able to tell if any of it was attributable to this bubble mask.

This mask does brighten. I don't know if there's any difference between the brightening of this mask compared to other masks but I like it because this mask is quick. I put it on and leave it on for less than 10 minutes and then I can wash it off or go shower. When I feel that my skin looks dull or stressed, I use this mask and I find that my skin does look better afterwards. And I admit, the fact that this bubbles on my skin right after I put it on gives me a nice feeling as if it's doing something to my face that other masks cannot. But that's probably just me thinking out into space. 


Brightens dull skin
Quick mask that can be done when you don't have that much time
$20 for 50g on eBay

Quality: 4/5 for the fact that it brightens and can be done quickly

Value: 4/5 because the 50g will last awhile

Repurchase? Yes because of the efficiency/convenience of the mask.

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