Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam

The black sugar mask has long been a best-seller for Skinfood in both Japan and Korea. At the time, I ran out of cleanser and was in need of one so I decided to buy this over the black sugar mask. I use this at night because I feel that I need the mild scrub to get rid of all the dirt and oil that I've accumulated over the day.

Description (taken from
  • The mineral-rich Brazilian black-sugar grains in the scrub foam smoothly cleanse off the old layer leaving your skin moist after washing. 
  • Take a moderate amount of the foam on a wet hand and lather it sufficiently. After massaging it over your face, rub gently, rinse off with tepid water then finish with cold water.

My impression:

This is currently my favorite product from Skinfood along with their extra virgin olive essence. These two products are what brought me into my Skinfood craze. This a great cleanser that cleans without feeling like my face is getting ripped off by harsh chemicals. I massage the sugar gently on my face until it dissolves and I don't feel the sugar grains anymore. Then I wash it off with water. My face feels clean, smooth, even a little brighter, and moist afterwards. I've used cleansers before that may have wiped my face clean, but my face feels dry and stripped of its moisture afterwards.

I often use what comes onto the cotton pad of my cleansing toner to judge how effective my cleanser is. When I was using Shiseido's White Lucent Cleansing Foam, my cotton pad for my cleansing toner was often a bit darker after wiping it on my face, signaling that the cleanser did not get rid of all the dirt on my skin. With this cleanser, my cotton pad does not change color after wiping my face with the cleansing toner.

Another great thing about this product is that the black sugar grains act as an exfoliator and it works. I've used exfoliating cleansers and pure exfoliators before, but I often found that they don't do anything for the blackheads on my nose, even if I scrub like crazy and end up roughing up my skin =\ With this cleanser, however, I find that I have less blackheads on my nose, and when I use those nose strips, nothing actually comes out of it because there's not much on my nose to begin with!

I've been using this cleanser for about a month now. My face feels smoother and cleaner. For the first 2 weeks I've been using it day and night, but now I'm using it at night and using the Skinfood egg white pore foam in the day because I figured I don't need to scrub my face after it's been on my pillow for 8 hours. Plus I need something to help my big pore mines.


An exfoliating cleanser that I can use everyday without harming my skin
Leaves my face feeling clean, smooth, moist and a bit brighter
$14 for 160g on eBay

Grade: 5/5 because it's just a cleanser but it can exfoliate, brighten, smooth, and clean my skin

Value: 5/5 because there's quite a bit of product so it can last me probably 3-4 months depending on once or twice daily usage

Repurchase? Yes, I've already reordered it!


  1. ah! so interesting, what's your skin type btw? I really want to try this foam because I also have the same scrub mask from this series too~ but I'm afraid that it won;t suit with me -__-
    Thanks for sharing ^^

    1. Hi there~
      My skin type is combination/oily. Yes, I've heard a lot about the scrub mask. I should probably try that soon too!